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Now that you've committed to selling or buying a home, the realization hits that you actually have to move all your stuff. There are many options out there, many you have probably tried in the past and some that may surprise you.


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A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes it creates more questions than answers. When looking at listing photos, buyers may ask “What’s beyond that door? Does that wood flooring go through the entire living space? How does the house flow? What’s to the right of that wall? What does the land look like?” All great questions and as a seller, you aren’t there to answer them. But we can help you with our newly acquired technology. 
With this technology, we offer a distinct marketing advantage to our sellers, which will generate more interest and a better experience for buyers. We  brought this technology in house so we can create videos that will answer those burning questions and post them via our Internet marketing in a timely manner. And as a seller, you know that time is money. 
3D immersive videos 
Imagine buyers “walking” through your home, never leaving the comfort of their couch. Our Matterport, 3D immersive videos provide that very experience to potential buyers. Now these videos aren’t the kind of video you make with your smartphone. These 3D tours let the buyers move through the property and see it from every angle. They can look up, down, behind them, or around a corner. They can see the layout of your home, how the rooms connect, and where the doors and windows are located. Matterport’s “dollhouse view” removes a home’s outer walls and roof to create a 3D floor plan image.
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Potential buyers can get a true sense of what your home is like and you don’t even have to leave your home to have it shown.
What’s even better— the buyer can choose how they want to view the video. Videos can be viewed on a smartphone, computer, tablet, or even with virtual reality goggles! 
According to Matterport,  buyers that view 3D immersive videos are 95% more likely to call about the home. The odds are in your favor.
Drone videos
When it comes to listings with land, it might be challenging to capture the beauty and layout with photos and a plat drawing. 
With the drone video, we can show an aerial view of the land that provides buyers an understanding of the property  without physically walking it. 
Drone videos can also produce dramatic footage of home exteriors and landscapes, providing a view of the complete package. 
At Janet Cox and Company and RE/MAX Lifestyle, we brought this technology to our team because we want our listings to stand out. With both home and land listings, Matterport and drone videos can highlight more property features and bring your listing to life — creating a better buyer experience on your behalf


Farmers markets are in full swing now! Supporting our local farmers gives back to our communities. It’s also a good feeling to know where your food is coming from and even talk to the farmer that grows it!

You’ll find more than produce at the local markets. Vendors sell fresh eggs, organic meats, plants, homemade cheeses, soaps, breads, flowers, and much more.

Local farmers markets

  • Lincoln County Farmers Market 
    • Denver Market (Rescue Squad Park) - Saturdays: 8am—noon
    • Downtown Lincolnton Market (Water Street) - Saturdays: 7am—noon
    • Market at DSS (Lincolnton) - Thursdays:  7am—noon


Today's low interest rates and stabilized home prices have created some great investment opportunities! Investing in real estate has unique advantages over other types of investments:

  • Interest in mortgage loans are tax-deductible.  Investors can lower their tax liability while increasing their equity.
  • Renters pay down your mortgage loan.  Investors reap the benefits of rental income, which offsets your mortgage cost and build equity.
  • Real Estate values increase over the long term.  Real Estate is limited and will always be in demand. 
  • 1031 exchanges are available to defer taxable income when you are ready to sell.

Many investors are taking advantage of these great market conditions. Have questions? Give us a call. We are happy to help!