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Buyers want to see houses. That is simple enough, but making it so they can view homes their way, that is the tricky part.

The Matterport experience is designed to be viewed many different ways.

Mobile, VR-Virtual Reality, Desktop & Tablet viewing. On  all operating platforms.

Giving buyer’s what they want, the way the they want!

Doll House

Take an interactive view of the home. A perfect way to see the proportions room sizes and get a realistic feel for the house. No need for an open house, just visit from the comfort of your couch!

Floor Plan

Easy to view floor plans. You know what you are looking for in a home, well see if the home has it! Knowing if the layout will suit your needs before you get in car is a big time saver. Is the room big enough for your entertainment center? Are the bedrooms split? Is the kitchen large enough for you gatherings?  Make the most of your time by visiting the homes that suit your needs, not the ones that don’t!

Guided Tour

Sit back and take a guided tour of the home. This will allow you to go from room to room just sit back and take it all in. Pictures give you a one dimensional view of a room. Now you can view the entire room and how it flows into the adjacent rooms. Standard pictures just can’t do that.

VR- Virtual Reality

Those of you who like to have the latest tools in technology will really enjoy the VR feature. Put on your googles and enjoy the experience!